In the Shadows VR

A group of immigrants realize they are going to be forced to work against their will by human traffickers.

In the Shadows is a virtual reality narrative short film. It’s an immersive glimpse into the lives of human trafficking victims. The film takes place at a moment in transit, where immigrants are coerced into submission by traffickers and they are told they will work against their will. The film follows a group immigrants as they realize they will not be living the life that they came for. This VR experience puts watchers in the center of the tragic situation.

In the Shadows is now available to the public on Kaleidscope VR. Watch below or check it out on the Kaleidoscope channel on the InceptionVR app. Please contact us if you would like a specific screening file VR headsets.

In the Shadows is now live on Kaleidoscope VR



 Kaleidoscope VR


     VR Fest 2018 Finalist