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Bluehaus offers full production services for live action Virtual Reality and 360 video. We can provide everything you need from pre-production to shooting to post-production production or just support for a specific part of the process. The Bluehaus team's goal is to take your vision and make it into the best possible experience - and we'll do it at your budget. Whether it's just an idea or you have each part of the production mapped out, we're excited to work with you. 

How can we help you?


Some of the services we provide include:

  • Writing

  • Locations

  • Casting

  • Directing

  • On-set Crew

  • VR Cinematography/Camera Techs

  • 360 Spatial Sound

  • Editing

  • Stitching

  • Visual Effects

  • Color Grading

  • Final Product Delivery


Why shoot VR?

When you set out to make VR or 360 content, you will get this question a lot. What makes your production ideal for a 360 space over a traditional format? This is a question we can help you answer. It's important to us at Bluehaus that we are making content that lends itself to VR/360 video. You will see a lot of content where the same scenes could be accomplished in a traditional video. Those productions did not ask themselves "why". VR is still largely uncharted territory for most people and can be very expensive. We're here to help you explore this exciting format and do it in an affordable way. 

Is VR not ideal for your production? We still got you covered. Check out our film & video production services.